March 2013
#throwitoutThursday this is all getting put put for donation pick-up tonight! #springclean

#throwitoutThursday this is all getting put put for donation pick-up tonight! #springclean

August 2012

Worth buying. 

January 2012

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start writing/blogging more. Seeing as this is my first post of the year, that is obviously not going so well, but I haven’t felt that inspired to write about anything, until today. 

Our house was a complete wreck after the holidays. Between the gifts and going away to a warm climate for a short trip. Requiring me to pull out all of the wardrobe items I had stored away, then come home do a dozen loads of laundry, return all warm weather items back to storage, along with put away the holidays- well I realized like many American families we just have too much stuff. We all have too many clothes, my kids have too many toys, I have too many gadgets in the kitchen, too much food in my pantry, etc, etc. Too much stuff or clutter makes a home less efficient overall. It’s harder to clean, harder to make dinner, harder to have the house company ready. 

It’s time for it to end. 

I have pledged to get rid of at least 100 things in the month of February and do everything in my power to prevent “new” items from coming into my house. 

My plan is to sell, donate and freecycle as much as possible and limit what we send to the landfill. 

I jumped the gun and had a charity pick up an old 25” CRT television set today, a bag bursting with random holiday decor, a baby doll that my daughter willingly donated, a pilly J. Crew fleece of my husband’s, a Dansk bowl and more. It felt great. I filled out the receipt they left so we know exactly what we donated and can write it off on our taxes next year!

I have seen blogs where people purge 100 things in a weekend or even a day. I am not going to be counting every sock or tank top that I cull from my dresser. 

My goal is for our home to be neater and more efficient by the end of the month! 

November 2011

Fabulous wallpaper! 

November 2011

The description says it’s black, but it doesn’t look black in the photos. Who knows, it looks like it could be awesome. Chesterfield sofas are really hot right now and can work in just about any home. If made with good leather they only get better with age. This is totally worth checking out if you are in the market for a sofa. 

November 2011

If these chairs are in good shape they are a nice deal- they would look lovely in a living room or bedroom. Clean lines and very versatile.